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The Latest in Pool Technology

We live in an ever advancing world. Everything is now conveniently available at our fingertips. The pool industry and our friends at AstralPool are certainly keeping up with the trends. Being a pool owner is no longer a high maintenance job. We can now check our pool chemistry on our phones in real time and […]

Get your Pool Ready for Winter

As the temperature begins to plummet and winter creeps up on us, we start to hear the same questions from our customers; “What do I do with my pool over winter!!?” We have installed heater pumps for many of our clients, if you are one of those then you can continue to use your pool […]

Pool Planning Guide

It’s a big decision, one you have most probably been toying with for a few years. There is a lot to consider so, before you go and dive in the deep end, read on to find the best way to plan for a pool. The summer climate in WA can be harsh, especially here in […]

How Will Heavy Rain Affect my Pool?

The rain has begun to pour, and it looks like it will continue through the coming days here in the Wheatbelt. Thanks Joyce! In weather conditions like this our phones ring off the kook. Pool owners get distressed because the rain can cause issues and most pool owners don’t know how to fix the issues. […]

What are Phosphates and are They Affecting my Pool?

Phosphate readings on pool water results are at an all time high at the moment! Unfortunately, we are unsure what has caused the dramatic incline, but we can tell you what phosphates are, where they come from, how they are affecting your pool and most importantly how to keep them at a safe level. So, […]

Keep Your Friends & Family Pool Safe This Christmas

Christmas is such a great time of year. Friends and family come around for a BBQ and cool down in your pool. Everyone is in good spirits and excited to catch up with people they haven’t seen for a long time! Too often, the mood can quickly turn distressing as one of the kids wanders […]

How to keep your Pool in Great Shape This Summer

The Basics of Water It’s the same every year. The eleventh hour arrives and it is a frantic rush to get the pool looking good before those 40-degree days begin. We wanted to help you keep your pool in tip top shape all summer without breaking a sweat. So, we put our heads together and […]