Get your Pool Ready for Winter

As the temperature begins to plummet and winter creeps up on us, we start to hear the same questions from our customers; “What do I do with my pool over winter!!?”

We have installed heater pumps for many of our clients, if you are one of those then you can continue to use your pool all year round, if you don’t mind the cold air before you jump in!  If not, then you will want to put your pool into ’winter mode’ for the cooler months.

We often find people tend to shut the pool down, put a cover on it and hope for the best. Come springtime these people usually in our shop, distraught that their beloved pool has turned into a frog pond!!

The sensible, more economic thing to do is to continue looking after your pool, it will save you time, dollars and heartache later! Trust us!

Here is our step by step guide on what to do to your pool in the lead up to winter:

Step One

Give it a good clean. Remove all debris from the water and skimmer basket. Brushing the walls and vacuuming the floor on a regular basis will help prevent algae from growing.

If debris sits at the bottom of your pool over the winter months; it may stain your pool surface and cause a headache trying to remove it later.

Step Two

Check all your pool equipment.


  • Check and empty the basket
  • Turn power off. Check the O-Rings for leaks, clean and grease O-Rings and replace if necessary


Regular maintenance is important to ensure long life and trouble-free performance of your pool equipment. If you are unable to perform these maintenance checks yourself, give us a call and our trained service technician can perform the maintenance for you.


In winter your chlorinator should be set to run for 2-4 hours depending on size (if you are unsure, give us a call 08 9622 5571). Check your chlorine output so it’s not running at maximum. Clean your cell with Purex Cell Cleaner, a non-corrosive life extending cell cleaner, before you shut your pool down.

If you’re using a salt chlorinator and a pool blanket, you must maintain chlorine levels under 2ppm, as pool blankets trap chemicals and chlorine, and can cause high chlorine levels to occur – potentially damaging pool equipment if not monitored carefully. Current manufacturing guidelines say that you should remove the pool blanket once a week to allow it to breath.

We recommend you keep your pool blanket off and store it away throughout winter. The blanket can hide issues in the pool that may need your urgent attention. As they say, “out if sight, out of mind”. Just because you are not using it, doesn’t mean you can forget about it.


Sand Filter

Turn off your pump and backwash the filter. When the water is clean, rinse as per guidelines. If you are unsure of what you should do, jump on the phone to us and we will assist you in ensuring that it is all done correctly.

This type of filter should also be cleaned with Purex Sand Filter Cleaner twice a year and we recommend you change the sand every 3-5 years (depending on use).

Cartridge Filter

To clean your cartridge filter, lift out the filter, hose it down and use Purex Cartridge Filter Cleaner to remove oils, scaling and any deep embedded debris. Follow the correct product procedure in order to save time and money.

Step Three

Balance your Pool Water

It certainly is a balancing act! When your pool’s water is balanced, everything becomes more efficient because the equipment isn’t overcompensating for the imbalance.

The term balanced means the main chemical elements of your pool (Alkalinity, pH and Hardness) are at the correct level. Protecting the water from an algae breakout and your pool’s surface and equipment from early deterioration.

Step Four

Continue Basic Pool Maintenance and Water Testing

Basic maintenance is still important even during the cooler months. Check the water chemistry and filter gauge about every 2 weeks.

We offer free water testing at our shop on 333 Fitzgerald Street, Northam. Call in once a month during winter and check if any chemical levels need adjusting.

Countrywide Pools also offer pre-winter pool servicing, if you would like to book your pool in or want to find out more information fill out the form and we will give you a call.