Is Purchasing a Pool a Good Investment?

This question has most definitely crossed your mind if you are considering a pool for your home. Any large investment can have you second guessing what is the right thing to do?

And, to be honest there are two ways to look at it when it comes to pros and cons. A benefit that often goes overlooked is that your pool will provide you with years of fun, enjoyment and entertainment with your family and friends. Not to mention the health benefits.

These days, kids spend hours sat in front of the TV or iPad. By investing in a pool your kids will instead spend hours outdoor having fun and being active.  It is also a great way to increase family time spent together. Spending thousands of dollars on a holiday will only last a couple of weeks, by investing that money into a pool, you will have your own resort on your doorstep every summer.

Planning and preparing in the early days of your pool purchase is vital to its success as an investment later. You see, a pool can be perceived by buyers two very different ways.

The first buyer sets eyes on the pool and immediately pictures themselves in it. Having a great time with family and friends. These buyers that appeal to the pool perceive the home to be of higher value.

The second buyer sees the pool and immediately starts to wonder about how much maintenance it needs, how much it will cost to run it and if it will need and parts replaced. For this buyer, the perceived value of the home decreases.

For your pool to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible, you may need to consider a few of the following points during the early stages of buying your pool to make sure the pool will in fact ADD value to your home!

  • Location

Where is the best place to position your pool? Consider all the external factors such as; sunshine, shading, wind, proximity to the house and of course aesthetics.

  • Shape

In the 60’s it was bell bottom jeans and kidney shaped pools and as with all trends, neither of them stayed in fashion. Chose something a bit more timeless like a rectangular shape such as our Regal or our Torino is also a very popular choice. Most importantly, make sure it suits the style of your garden!

  • Depth

This should be based around your family and kids (if you have any). You want to ensure that swimmers can safely stand or rest while in the pool so we strongly suggest a shallow to deep pool/ Very few people spend their entire time in the pool swimming so make sure there is somewhere to relax in there too.

  • Minimalizing Effort

Swimming pools are perceived as very high maintenance which is why many people shy away from them. Fortunately, there are some new innovations in pool care that can make your pool almost completely maintenance-free. (but that’s another blog for another day 😉)

  • Energy Saving

If your pool isn’t very costly to run than it will be much more appealing to potential buyers. There are many ways to help reduce power consumption pumps such as the Viron XT. This pump is light on energy, powerful on performance and it boasts 9-star energy efficiency. Operating cost can be cut by $700 to $1200 per year!

Whether or not an inground pool is a good financial investment for you and your family is certainly a debatable one. But, if you intend on staying in your home for a long time and believe that you and you will get value from the many benefits a pool has to offer such as;

  • Bring the Family Together

Watch your children develop their swimming skills and spend hours outdoors in the pool rather than on the couch playing video games. Laughter, games, friendships and precious family memories all come from owning a swimming pool.

  • Enjoy Rest and Recreation on your doorstep

If you are needing some rest and relaxation in your life, then laying pool side is the ultimate way to relax. Take a dip in the cool refreshing water or have a drink by the pool after a hard day at work. Close your eyes and just imagine how good it will be.

  • Exercise

Swimming is one of the best low impact exercises. You can get a cardiovascular workout while minimising stress on your joints. It keeps your heart rate up; builds endurance, muscle and strength and provides a full body workout as all your muscles get used when you swim.

  • Entertaining

We live in a digital world and sometimes it can be hard to unplug ourselves from phones, laptops and iPads. Getting together with friends and family around the pool to socialise has been shown to have great health and mental health benefits.

Still unsure? Have heaps of questions? Give us a call and Max will answer all your questions obligation free!