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Keep Your Friends & Family Pool Safe This Christmas

Christmas is such a great time of year. Friends and family come around for a BBQ and cool down in your pool. Everyone is in good spirits and excited to catch up with people they haven’t seen for a long time!

Too often, the mood can quickly turn distressing as one of the kids wanders toward the pool while the adults are busy having a yarn.

Children are naturally curious and inquisitive and are fascinated by water!

There were 291 deaths due to drowning in aquatic locations across Australia during 2016/2017. 29 of those were kids ages 0-4 years. Hopefully we can prevent this number from growing by sharing our tips on staying pool safe this Christmas.

  • Teach the kids how to swim BUT, still supervise them!

Get your kids familiar with water as soon as you can. By the age of 5, kids should at least have the basics of floating, doggy paddle and have the ability to get out of the pool should they happen to fall in.

Even if you think your child is the next Ian Thorpe, you need to keep an eye on them. Someone should be in the pool area at all times. Take turns, just like you would a designated driver, have a designated pool supervisor to keep a close eye on the kids.

Be very cautious of interruptions that are likely to distract you such as your phone or a knock on the door. We recommend you never be further than an arm’s reach away especially for kids under 5 for their safety.

  •    Fencing and Gates

Make sure kids can’t access the pool while there is no one around the supervise. The best way to prevent kids getting into the pool area is to ensure you fencing and gates are compliant and up to standard.

There are certain guidelines that you need to meet. The height of the pool fencing should be no less than 1.2 Meters. If a part of the fencing happens to be a boundary fence, then it needs to be a minimum of 1.8 Meters high.

The pool gate must open outwards, be self-closing and self-latching. NEVER use something to prop the gate open and stop it from latching. If you forget about it later the consequences could be fatal.

Lastly, check around all the fencing to ensure there are no objects that could aid in climbing over into the pool area.

  • Know how to save a life with CPR

By law, EVERY back yard must have an up to date CPR chart. All adults in the household should attend a Basic First Aid & CPR course so that in the event of someone drowning, there is someone at the scene that can perform CPR and prevent death.

Book your First Aid Course today!

Drowning IS preventable. By putting these three tips in place you could help radically improve the number of lives lost around the pool this summer.