Pool Fences & Gates

Countrywide Pools offers an extensive range of pool fencing and pool gates. We cater for all types of pool fencing applications as well as boundary fencing and frameless glass fencing.

Choose frameless glass fencing to create a modern look around your pool

Frameless glass fencing can add a touch of class to your outdoor and pool area.

Frameless glass panels allow you to achieve uninterrupted views of your property and your pool whist still providing the safety you require. Frameless glass fencing can be used to enclose your entire pool area or simply used as a feature in a smaller section. Installing these frameless glass fence panels will add a touch of class to your property whilst automatically increasing its value.

Swimming pool fencing to comply with AS 1926

Our swimming pool fencing adheres to AS 1926 and is available in a wide range of colours and styles. Countrywide Landscaping are committed to the correct installation of pool fencing so that you and your family can enjoy your pool safely.

A range of boundary fence options

We also offer a wide range of garden and boundary fencing options, such as natural brushwood, aluminium screen and flat top just to name a few. Our boundary and pool fencing comes in a range of colours and styles for you to choose from. The range of colour and style options can be viewed in our store.

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