What are Phosphates and are They Affecting my Pool?

What are Phosphates and are They Affecting my Pool?

Phosphate readings on pool water results are at an all time high at the moment! Unfortunately, we are unsure what has caused the dramatic incline, but we can tell you what phosphates are, where they come from, how they are affecting your pool and most importantly how to keep them at a safe level.

So, what exactly are phosphates?

Phosphates are a chemical compound and a primary food source for aquatic plants. If phosphates remain present in your pool, they will eventually through oxidation, hydrolysis or enzymatic digestion reduce to orthophosphates. These are the only type of phosphates algae can digest.

And, where do they come from?

Unfortunately, phosphates get introduced to your pool through many everyday outdoor sources, such as:

  • Fertiliser
  • Wind and Dust
  • Debris
  • Waste such as sweat or urine
  • Even some pool chemical

This Makes it impossible to remove phosphates completely from your pool. It is recommended your phosphate reading be between 0-200 PPB (parts per billion)

What problems will it cause?

Because phosphates are a food source for algae it provides a feeding ground for them to grow of. This can cause some unsightly issues such as:

  • Cloudy green water
  • Slimy texture on the surface
  • Mustard / green debris
  • Excessive chemical consumption
  • Poor water quality

Oh dear! How can I fix it?

All hope is not lost, if your pool has a high phosphate result, follow these phosphate treatment steps:

  1. Test levels.
  2. Backwash your pool filter thoroughly.
  3. Add Purex phosphate remover as per instructions.
  4. Run filter for 48 hours.
  5. Backwash pool filter
  6. Retest for phosphates, if necessary repeat steps 3-5

Other ways you can prevent a rise in phosphates is to maintain adequate chlorine levels and ensure you PH level is within range.

The Bottom Line

Test your pool water once a week (more if it gets heavy use) and keep your water clean and balanced. Countrywide Pools Northam offer a FREE water testing service, so you have no excuses to be slack!

If it is too late and your pool has some of the issues mentioned in this blog post, don’t panic, our pool tech can come round and get everything crystal clear again for you and your family to enjoy!